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CEP 918 Theories of School-Based Prevention and Psychological Interventions

  • School- and classroom-level variables impacting equitable and just education for all students
  • School- and classroom-level service delivery models; assessment and intervention for primary prevention and program evaluation
  • System-wide frameworks for school crisis prevention and intervention, and their application in schools

CEP 881 Social and Emotional Assessment and Intervention

  • Data-based decision making to inform social-emotional and behavioral interventions in school settings
  • Beginning skill development in evidence-based social-emotional and behavioral intervention in schools

CEP 888 Theories of Child Psychotherapy

  • Process of interpersonal change and its application to specific psychological interventions for children and adolescents
  • Selection, implementation, and evaluation of the effectiveness of psychological interventions using an integrated case formulation approach
  • Preliminary development of skills in delivery of cognitive-behavioral interventions for children and adolescents

CEP 993K Advanced Practicum in Doctoral School Psychology

  • Intermediate to advanced skill development in psychological service delivery consistent with student’s scholarly interests and professional goals
  • Beginning development of skills in supervising school psychological practice
  • Translation of specialized knowledge via academic writing for publication